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Smartphones allow us to connect with our family, friends, community and colleagues from the moment we wake up.
Who doesn’t know the feeling? You are on the go and your smartphone battery runs out just when you are expecting an important call. VARTA has just the right solution to this problem – Portable Powerpacks. This fall, the new Portable Powerpack series was released with a cool design and even more power. This way, you won’t ever miss that important call again and you can charge your smartphone anytime, anywhere.


Thanks to its convenient size, the handy Phone Power 800 fits in any bag or backpack. The Powerpack can be charged hundreds of times via USB and offers up to 150 minutes of extra talk time. The blue LED charging indicator shows you how much power the Powerpack still has, or if you need to charge it again. It comes with a practical keyring, so you always have it close at hand.

The small energy pack is available in three editions for: Apple Lightning (MFi certified for iPhone generations 5 and 6), 30 Pin (MFi certified for iPhone generations 4S and older) and Micro-USB devices (Samsung, LG, HTC, etc.).


The new Indestructible Powerpacks are highly robust. Their construction and stable materials make them ideal for outdoor people and travelers. The highly resistant companions are waterproof, dust repellent (currently highest standard IP67) and shock proof up to 2 meters. This Powerpack also has an LED charging indicator. Not only does it charge standard devices like smartphones; it can also charge your tablet.

The Indestructible Powerpack 2000 can for example completely charge an iPhone 5. Its big brother, the Indestructible Powerpack 6000, can even manage up to 3 complete charging runs and can supply two devices with power thanks to the dual USB connections.


The 2 in 1 Powerpack & Charger provides you with the ultimate solution for all charging situations. You can charge almost all your devices via the USB connection. Just insert 4 AA alkaline, 4 AA rechargeable batteries or 4 AA lithium batteries and add up to 7 hours of extra talk time to your minitablet, smartphone, etc. Using the USB connection, you can also use the charging function to recharge your rechargeable batteries.

The new indestructible powerpacks in hardness test

With especially durable, drop tested, dust proofed and water resistant construction in ABS and aluminium