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VARTA’s new Outdoor Sports Lights never leave you in the dark!

Let’s go outdoors! Temperatures have been rising since the meteorological beginning of spring on March 1st, and warmer weather makes everyone want to go outside.

Whether jogging, hiking or camping in a tent, being outdoors fills us with vital energy and recharges our inner batteries.

VARTA’s Outdoor Sports Lights series offers the perfect companions for every excursion: whether it’s an evening run or the last downhill mile to finish a long alpine hike in evening twilight, our Outdoor Sports Headlights help you see clearly at all times.
They Bring Light into the Darkness!
VARTA’s new Sports Headlights literally change night to day! With a light range up to 20 meters for the 4x LED Outdoor Sports Head Light and 78 meters for the 2x1 Watt LED Outdoor Sports Head Light, these attractive and affordably priced headlamps from VARTA guarantee that you’ll see obstacles well in advance so you’ll enjoy greater safety when you play sports or hike in the twilight. These bright little helpers are extremely robust and easy to operate, too. Perfect companion for every fan of the great outdoors, VARTA’s headlamps are available now for € 9.99 (RRP) 4x LED Outdoor Sports Head Light and € 21.99 (RRP) 2x1 Watt LED Outdoor Sports Head Light at retailers and online.
Brighter Than the Brightest Star!
Now that the weather is warmer, many people seek adventure in nature or simply go outdoors to enjoy the peace and quiet. VARTA’s Outdoor Sports Lanterns help you keep everything clearly in view on hikes and during other excursions. Their high-performance LEDs shine very brightly, but the warm white color of their light assures a pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to their low weight — just 236 grams for the 1W LED Outdoor Sports Lantern 3AA and 446 grams for the 3W LED Outdoor Sports Lantern 3D — and their compact sizes, these lamps fit easily into every backpack. They’re ideal for evening outdoor excursions!

The green 3W LED Outdoor Sports Lantern 3D is available for € 29.99 (RRP) at retailers and online. The smaller 1W LED Outdoor Sports Lantern 3AA in orange sells for the unbeatably low price of € 14.99 (RRP).