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Practical power sources — VARTA’s new Portable Powerpacks

Energy, always and everywhere.

It’s spring! At long last, you can bask in the sunshine at a café, stroll in a park or simply enjoy spending time outdoors. But your mobile phone’s rechargeable battery needs reliable energy so you can shoot photos, listen to music and surf the internet whenever and wherever you want. That’s why VARTA offers its new, convenient Portable Powerpacks with improved performance and new colors!
Small, Colorful and Packed with Power!
They fit in every handbag or trouser pocket, they can load a smartphone up to 100%*, and they look shamelessly attractive! The new Portable Powerpacks are the energy source for individualists who don’t want to let weakened rechargeable batteries slow them down when they’re out on the town or on the road. Your mobile phone or camera can sometimes run out of energy when you’re on a trip through the city or away on vacation. But would you want to let that stop you from shooting a photo of the Eiffel Tower or a breathtaking sundown on Tenerife? Certainly not! VARTA’s long-lived power bar supplies your mobile device with energy whenever and wherever it’s needed. The small size (just 10 cm) makes these 2.600 mAh Portable Powerpacks the perfect companions for excursions, long journeys or short trips. If these powerful little fellows begin to weaken, an LED charge-status display will notify you soon enough so you can quickly and easily recharge your Portable Powerpack via the accompanying micro-USB cable, which fits into every ordinary USB port. These stylish Powerpacks are available at retailers and online in black, white and grey, as well as in the trendy pastel mint and coral.
*Based on iPhone 5s, results may vary by device
Would You Like a Bit More?
For everyone with big plans, VARTA not only makes small Powerpacks, but also builds larger, more energetic Powerpacks in three variants: with 6.000 mAh, 10.400 mAh and 16.000 mAh, they deliver plenty of power! No electrical outlet nearby? No problem! And if you use several mobile devices simultaneously when you’re away from home, then you’ll really have fun with these workhorses. Because each of these high-quality energy sources is equipped with not just one but two USB ports so you can recharge your smartphone and tablet in record time via the high-speed outlet when you’re traveling! You can use the built-in LED light to illuminate your handbag’s interior when you’re looking for your keys. And the LED charge-status display shows you when you need to recharge your Powerpack.

The Portable Powerpacks are now available at retailers and online.