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The winter sports lovers among us could hardly wait. The season has started, the slopes are covered with snow, and winter vacation can begin! If you want to bring wonderful photos back home as souvenirs, you have to be prepared. It’s not only your fingers that freeze: Icy winter temperatures can also cause batteries in digital cameras and GPS devices to fail.

When conventional batteries reach their limits, VARTA ULTRA Lithium Batteries are there to pick up the slack. Colder, lighter, longer! They are ideal for use in the most extreme conditions and operate reliably within extremely cold temperatures. 

The AA and AAA Lithium batteries perform best at lower temperatures and provide real power with a shelf life of up to ten years while conventional alkaline batteries get slower and finally even stop working. Another advantage of Lithium batteries is their weight: Lithium batteries weigh a whopping 38% less than their conventional alkaline counterparts. But these powerhouses are also right at home off the slopes. Their long lives also make them an ideal solution for security devices such as smoke alarms. For an energy source that’s always reliable in extreme temperatures, VARTA recommends that consumers use lithium cells, whether at home or on winter vacation.