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Say goodbye to Christmas stress!

Brightly illuminated Christmas markets, the smell of roasted almonds, cinnamon, mulled wine, fir trees, spiced oranges, sparkling Christmas stars all around, colorful lights and the warm glow of candles – for many, the pre-Christmas period is one of the most wonderful times of the year. If only there wasn’t that eternal question of what to get as gifts. But it doesn't have to be an issue. With just five small tricks, you can enjoy the period leading up to Christmas to the full.
Listen and write down gift ideas
During breakfast with the family, at the café with friends or in good company in the evening: The best gift ideas usually come up during those numerous conversations that you have throughout the year. Just write them down in a notebook – regardless of whether you have the idea in spring, summer or fall. When you then start thinking about presents during the pre-Christmas period, you can just pull out your notebook and choose the best idea.
Give the gift of memories
Are you still looking for the right gift that will stay in your loved one’s memory forever? Then a personal voucher or an adventure voucher is just the right thing. Vouchers often have a reputation for being unimaginative and never actually being used, but this definitely doesn't apply to vouchers that offer an adventure. What about a husky sleigh ride or an overnight stay in an igloo? Or, how about you make it personal by taking Mom to the theater, arranging a massage for your partner or inviting your best friend over for dinner one evening? What is important is that the voucher shouldn't just win them over with its content, but should also be presented creatively and personally on the outside too. For example, the voucher for an evening dinner could be stuck to the outside of a wine bottle, and the voucher for a trip to the theater could be placed behind a little red curtain made from felt.
Joint gifts
Finding the right gift is often difficult, and you can be sure that you’re not the only one facing the challenge of choosing the right Christmas present. So why not make a virtue of necessity? Simply share the task by giving a gift with others. For example, you could organize a gift for your parents or grandparents together with your siblings. One advantage is that a group of people often has more creative ideas. Another is that you can share the cost if you're thinking about getting something a bit bigger.

Wrap presents right away
You have taken care of all of the presents for Christmas and hidden them in the cupboard. But wasn't there something else you had to do? That’s right: The presents still need to be wrapped. It’s a lot more relaxed if you wrap all of your gifts right after you buy them and put name tags on them. A little tip: It's even easier if you have your presents wrapped right after you've bought them in the store. These days, most stores provide a gift wrapping service or have wrapping paper available.
Set a budget
If you have a big family, Christmas shopping can quickly bore a hole in your wallet, or it can become really expensive due to a lack of gift ideas. To prevent this, it can be a good idea to set a budget for all mutual presents with friends and relatives in advance, for example by setting an upper limit of 20 euros for each present. This means that there is a good framework in place and everybody knows where they stand.

VARTA wishes you a wonderful Christmas Season and Merry Christmas!