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Safety on the way to school – VARTA is giving away blinking lights

The days are getting shorter and the nights longer. On top of that, fog, rain and snow can limit visibility – especially for drivers. There are a few things to watch out for to ensure that children are seen when walking near roads – and VARTA is helping out with free blinking lights for backpacks or jackets.
The dark time of year
Over the coming months, all road users – whether pedestrians, cyclists or drivers – are at high risk of not being seen. This is particularly troublesome for schoolchildren and kindergartners, who do not have much experience yet in navigating roads in the dark. That’s why you should practice handling dangerous situations in advance with children. For example, in the evening, you can make a game of testing when you can be seen and when not, in your own driveway or with parked cars on the street. And a flashlight can be used to shine light on the reflectors to show how much of a difference they make in nighttime visibility.
Bright clothing and reflectors
Bright colors are the key to being seen: the brighter, the better! Neon yellow anoraks, pink hats and light blue pants stand out much more than the – albeit easier to take care of – darker shades that adults typically wear during the fall and winter months. And clothing fitted with reflectors is even better. They reflect the light from headlights or bicycle lights and can increase the distance from which you are visible from 40 all the way up to 150 meters.
Blinking lights from VARTA
The only way to get even more attention is to blink and glow: That’s why, exclusively for our international Newsletter subscribers, we are giving away blinking lights that can easily be attached to a backpack or clothing. Just send an e-mail to VARTA@haebmau.de with the keyword “blinking light” and your complete name and address until 14th December 2015. We will gladly send you one (per entry) of the 350 blinking lights while supplies last.

We look forward to hearing from you!