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Here you can find compilations of our press releases, news about VARTA Consumer Batteries and our products. If you want to be up-to-date with VARTA sign up in our press mailing list. Please contact our press department if you have any further questions.
LCD Power Bank
The LCD Power Bank from VARTA Consumer – especially strong when your smartphone runs low
It is no longer possible to imagine everyday life without smartphones. When your battery runs out and there is no socket in sight, power banks provide a longed-for solution. With the new LCD Power Bank series, VARTA Consumer Batteries is presenting products for the whole family with new LCD displays that inform users of the device’s current charging status. From small and handy to large and powerful, this series has the right solution for every requirement. The LCD Power Bank series is available online and in stores.
Eco Charger
Full power – now in green
Rechargeable batteries constitute an inherent part of the successful company history of VARTA Consumer Batteries and are being used ever more frequently in everyday devices. The reason for this is simple: They are rechargeable, versatile and benefit the family budget after just a short period of time. With the new RECHARGE ACCU Recycled range, VARTA has once again optimized the rechargeable battery, using recycled materials in manufacturing for the first time. Together with the ECO CHARGER device, the new product line includes two recycled rechargeable battery variants in the most sought-after sizes and capacities. This ensures that they meet users’ energy needs while simultaneously protecting the environment. The ECO CHARGER and new RECHARGE ACCU Recycled batteries are now available in retail.
Recharge Accu Endless
Long-lasting and powerful: the new VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Endless
VARTA Consumer Batteries stands for the highest quality and performance – not only in conventional batteries. VARTA’s assortment of rechargeable batteries now also includes a new, extremely long-lasting, rechargeable series: RECHARGE ACCU Endless. With up to 3,500 charge cycles*, these batteries can be recharged more often than any other rechargeable battery. Immediately ready to use and available in standard sizes AA and AAA, these Ni-MH rechargeables are ideal for all battery-powered devices.
Indestructible F30
The VARTA Indestructible Family Welcomes a New Member
Brighter, vast and extremely robust: the new Indestructible F30 joins the successful series of robust lights from VARTA Consumer Batteries and replaces its predecessor model, the Indestructible 3C. Boasting a new design and further developed functions, this newcomer isn’t only a faithful companion for fans of outdoor activities: it also raises the pulse rates of DIY fans and is ideal for everyone who demands high performance from their flashlight. The Indestructible F30 is available as of now.
Night Cutter
Brighter Than Ever – The New “Night Cutter” Flashlight Series
Extreme brightness, clever features and rechargeable batteries distinguish the two new flashlights in the “Night Cutter” series from VARTA Consumer Batteries. With up to 700 lumens of light output, these flashlights change night into day and truly deserve their name. The big Night Cutter F30R and the compact Night Cutter F20R are commercially available starting in May 2018.
VARTA In service for you
VARTA Consumer Batteries and its new brand profile
VARTA is presenting itself with a new, fresh brand profile. Its optimized, consistent design, clear positioning, emotional appeal to target groups and proximity to consumers will strengthen its brand identity and bring a breath of fresh air to product communications and the POS. VARTA will continue to promise the highest quality ‘made in Germany’ and constantly improve its products with the brand’s new slogan: ‘VARTA In service for you’ – presenting VARTA as a reliable partner at your side.

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