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LED Outdoor Sports Comfort Lantern 3D
Outdoor illumination without annoying insects
Warm white 3W LED
Amber 10W LED
Integrated hook
Water resistant
Shock proof 2m
3 Year VARTA guarantee
  • Cree 3 W high performance LED and 10 W amber LED
  • 4 light modes and night light function
  • Removeable outer diffusion lens can be attached to the bottom of the lantern
  • Built-in hooks at the top and at the bottom of the lantern
  • Very robust (2 m drop test) and IPX4 water resistant
  • Amber light for 60 % less insect attraction*


* Based on the weight of insects attracted, vs. VARTA 4W LED Camping Lantern 3D. Test results may vary.

VARTA Type 18665
Weight with Batteries 858 gr
Length 185 mm
Head Diameter 95,00 mm
Features to compare
Beam range: up to 16 m 
Runtime: up to 130 h 
Total light output: up to 330 lumens
Light source: LED