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We at VARTA take care about the needs of our customers and our planet by protecting the environment and facing up to our responsibility to nature. The company is fully committed to sustainability in all areas. This includes environmentally friendly development, environmentally responsible production, safe and long-life batteries as well as effective battery recycling. At VARTA Consumer, sustainability starts with the raw materials, which is why avoiding unnecessary transportation is crucial to us.


At VARTA Consumer our complete consumer battery range has transitioned towards mercury-free products many years ago. Our priority is to minimize the environmental impact by using innovative and integrated management processes. Finding environment friendly solutions for the entire battery life cycle as well as striving a sustainable exchange with all relevant partners like our customers, suppliers is important to us.


During production, we rely on progressive technology combined with processes aimed at saving resources and promoting environmental sustainability. The sense of responsibility of VARTA’s employees therefore plays a major role. This is why we inform and support our employees as well as our suppliers referring to environmental protection topics. Moreover, we require our contractors throughout the world to comply with our guidelines. By regularly monitoring our environmental management system, we aim to continuously improve environmental protection.


By constantly improving the performance of our batteries, we are minimizing the number of used batteries in the future, the recycling of which is of course close to our heart. Together with other battery manufacturers and the ZVEI (the German Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers’ Association), we are founding members of the 'GRS Batterien Foundation', established in 1998, which is committed to informing citizens about battery recycling throughout Germany.


The materials of electronic devices, rechargeable and consumer batteries must be collected and recycled. This alone saves valuable raw materials and protects the environment in a sustainable way. In principle, it is possible to recycle all consumer batteries. Since 2008, the EU directive 2006/66/EC has become binding in all EU Member States with the aim of a 45% collection rate by September 2016. Used batteries and rechargeable batteries can be disposed of here at VARTA Consumer, in shops as well as at municipal collection points, such as in civic amenity sites or recycling centres.


The Brussels-based organization EPBA aims to represent the interest of battery manufactures, manufacturers of battery-operated devices and retailers. For this reason, the organization summarises all industry-related information in one document. Based on this report by EPBA, VARTA Consumer developed its own sustainability report in 2011.


Download further and detailed information about the VARTA policies.