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Learn more about our fascinating history since 1887.
Adolf Müller lays the cornerstone
Founder Adolf Müller launches the company Büsche & Müller in Hagen - paving the way for VARTA's future.
The AFA is established
When AEG and Siemens fail in their endeavors to produce accumulators, they decide to invest in the VARTA predecessor. The result: the Accumulatorenfabrik AG – in short AFA.
The first electromobiles from America
“Baker-Runabot” – this is the name of the first American electromobile introduced to the German market by company founder Adolf Müller. With batteries by the VARTA precursor AFA, of course.
AFA accumulators light up the polar night
The first North Pole expedition to use electric light in icy nights: the accumulators by VARTA precursor AFA pass the chill test of minus 50 degrees. After three years, polar explorer Fridjof Nansen successfully returns in 1896.
VARTA is born
The AFA daughter VARTA (Vertrieb, Aufladung, Reparatur Transportabler Akkumulatoren – distribution, recharging, repair of portable accumulators) is established. It manufactures small, portable lead accumulators for, among other things, flashlights and engine ignitions.
Formation of Ellwangen´s portable power plant
The first dry-cell batteries leave the production line at the new Ellwangen portable battery plant – still under the company name of BMF.
Acquisition of the battery plant in Dischingen
VARTA batteries are still produced in Dischingen. Hence, VARTA Consumer emphasizes not only Germany as location but also the importance of “Made in Germany”.
VARTA accompanies man´s first trip to the moon
Neil Armstrong is the first person to step in the moon and VARTA is there with him! The people at NASA equipped the astronaut´s camera with a battery from VARTA – better safe than sorry.
Alkali-Manganese: The resounding success
The Dischingen production site concentrates on alkali-manganese batteries. The advantage of this modern technology: it is especially powerful and is free of mercury or cadmium.
VARTA is splitted in three divisions
  • Industrial batteries (plant Hagen)
  • Starter batteries (plant Hannover)
  • Consumer batteries (plant Hannover and Ellwangen)
A new direction for portable batteries
The US Rayovac Corporation is entrusted with corporate leadership of the portable batteries business segment. The VARTA brand continues.
VARTA 15 minute
The world´s fastest charger is added to the product range.
Rayovac becomes Spectrum brands
May 2nd, 2005 the Rayovac Corporation officially changes its name to Spectrum Brands Inc. (SPC) – thereby reflecting a diverse brand portfolio that includes over 7 different product categories.
New primary categories
The product family of primary round cells in the TriEnergy system. Yellow = long-lasting energy, Blue = powerful energy, Red = precise energy
Indestructible Flashlights
Strong, sharp beams and virtually impossible to damage: The incredibly though Indestructible flashlights, with their ergonomic yet stylish design, are able to survive a fall of up to nine meters.
125 years of battery expertise
VARTA celebrates 125 years of battery expertise. With over 125 years of expertise in the battery industry. VARTA Consumer is today's undisrupted number one name household batteries.
Portable power
VARTA's portable power products offer high-performance power supplies on the road. Anyone who is reliant on mobile devices, be it business people, outdoor enthusiasts or youngsters on the move, can be sure that their battery won't die.
Best energy concept
VARTA's Best Energy Concept helps you navigate through the battery jungle. The new blister pack designs allow consumer to quickly see which battery is best for which device.
Wireless Charger
Lay it down, charge it up, done. This is how smartphones are charged today. With the Wireless Charger, countless cables and different chargers are now finally a thing of the past.
New kids lights are added to the assortment
VARTA moves into the child's room with Paul the Bear, Maya the Bee and the Minions and make children's eyes light up.
We want to make your lives safer, easier, brighter and greener. Therefore, our products not only guarantee high performance but also are your reliable companion. As a result, VARTA Consumer Batteries has optimized the whole product range to serve your needs.