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To this day, we at VARTA continue to set forward-looking trends for the entire industry and are always developing our products further. VARTA Consumer Batteries employs internationally qualified professionals to launch new products and improve existing products in order to fully address the needs of our consumers and the marketplace. The principle of “Made in Germany” also applies beyond the borders of Germany and is kept up to date thanks to constant research and further development.


Innovative developments and the highest manufacturing standards ensure the outstanding quality of our products. Alongside of research and development, this result is primarily to our committed employees as well as our in-house development and test laboratories team. They optimize constantly the reliability, quality and service life of our batteries and make us one of the top three leading suppliers for mobile energy.


We offer a wide range of high-quality energy solutions based on our many years of experience and our rigorous innovation policy.
Market developments and customer requirements are identified at an early stage and appropriate solutions are implemented: Our answer to increasing energy demands is a range of innovative chargers and power banks. One of our most recent innovations is the wireless charger, which uses Qi technology to charge a wide range of smartphones without a cable connection.