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These smart little helpers from VARTA can show you the way wherever you are

These smart little helpers from VARTA can show you the way wherever you are

VARTA now offers two brand-new little devices that are always at your side to help out in the darkness:
The Outdoor Sports Reflective LED Band makes you safer when you’re out and about,
while the Handbag Light helps you find your keys in your handbag in an instant.
Good things come in small packages – the VARTA Handbag Light
There are some things in life that really get on our nerves and cost us valuable time, yet still seem to happen every single day. Especially for woman one of those is searching for your keys in your bag. Laden with bags, you stand in front of your car or your house but just cannot find your keys. It doesn’t matter where you put them, they always seem to disappear right when you really need them. Then you are forced to put down your groceries and rummage through your bag in the twilight.
Thank goodness for the Handbag Light! Simply open the magnetic closure on the loop made of artificial leather and attach it to the zipper or the strap on your bag. This handy light illuminates the contents of the handbag at the touch of a button, allowing you to find the things you need quickly. The Handbag Light is a stylish and practical handbag accessory with a sleek and attractive design.

Greater safety on the road
The Outdoor Sports Reflective LED Band is this winter’s must-have for anyone out and about after sunset. “Stay visible, be safe” is the motto behind this latest product, which is an ideal companion for runners, cyclists, dog-walkers or families with children. School children are particularly vulnerable when visibility is low, but they can make sure no one misses them on the sidewalk with the Outdoor Sports Reflective LED Band. Thanks to its Velcro strap, the elastic reflector band can be adjusted in a flash – even when you’re wearing gloves!

This practical accessory makes going out and getting some fresh air safe for the whole  family, even when visibility is poor and the weather is gloomy.

Don’t worry if it’s snowing or raining, either: the Outdoor Sports Reflective LED Band is water-resistant (IPX4). If the band gets dirty, it is easy to wash by hand. The two CR2032 button cells can be changed simply by unscrewing the battery compartment on the back.

With the Handbag Light and the Outdoor Sports Reflective LED Band, you will be perfectly equipped to tackle the dark winter nights.

VARTA wishes you a lot of fun out and about and a pleasant festive season!