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For more than 130 years, VARTA has exemplified the quality and workmanship associated with the "Made in Germany" stamp. As a result, you – our customer – have been at the heart of what we do over the decades. Be it in the house or on the go, whether it's the batteries in your child's toy or in your telephone handset, the power bank for charging your smartphone or the Work Flex Light on your work bench – our products are designed to make your life easier and to meet your every need. To ensure they do just that, we also have to keep developing and improving. That's why we are revealing a fresh new brand image.


To boost brand identity, VARTA is now marketing itself with an even clearer positioning and an improved and consistent design. Our new brand message "VARTA – in service for you" – emphasises our position as a reliable partner – always at your side. For all the family and for any situation – our wide range of VARTA products can be used any time, anywhere. A trusty companion whenever you need it: VARTA – in service for you.


Find what you're looking for faster – we have redesigned our packaging and our in-store branding to make it clearer for customers. Clearly laid shelving arrangements and more obvious product descriptions, together with easy-to-understand symbols – such as cameras, remote controls or game controllers showing the product's application – all make it easier to find what you're looking for from our extensive range.


As part of the brand update, we are expanding our range with innovative "Recycled" batteries.
Made from 11% recycled material, our eco-friendly batteries boast all the quality and performance you expect of a VARTA battery while also being extra sustainable thanks to their rechargeable design. Together with us, you can make a small contribution to the environment without having to compromise on performance.


Our mission is to make your life easier, safer and more sustainable. That's why we are always in service for you.