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Going “BANANAAAS” with the Minions  

Going “BANANAAAS” with the Minions  

As a child, what could be better than spending a few days out in the open with the whole family?
Exploring the world in the evening or in the early morning, listening to stories at the campfire and reading in the tent – the hilarious Minions lantern and Minions head light from VARTA Consumer are companions to even the littlest ones on every adventure – both at home and at the campsite.


Since the release of the animated hit “Despicable Me” seven years ago, it’s now impossible to imagine any child’s room without the Minions. This summer, the banana-crazy minions are returning to movie theaters in “Despicable Me 3”. 
These popular figures don’t just conquer the hearts of spectators on the big screen – we don’t want to go without them at home either.

On a journey of discovery with VARTA and the Minions

Whether it’s fixed to the wall of the tent, hidden away in a cushion at home or being held during adventurous night-time walks, the handy Minions lantern chases away the dark everywhere it goes. It can be carried using its practical handle and has a child-friendly rotary switch. The fold-out hook can be used to hang it up in the tent or on a tree branch, lighting up the path for children wherever they play.

The star is definitely the round head light, which is designed like a Minions monocle and is guaranteed to draw attention at the campsite. The Minions Head Light 1AAA is not only a hilarious accessory to light up the path, but also a child-friendly, robust companion in every situation.

VARTA wishes all Minions fans lots of fun at the movies and on their own adventures during their summer vacation!

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