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Service tip

Service tip

Christmas is a time of joy, charity and happy faces. This joy is greatest on Christmas Eve – especially when it’s time for presents. In order to make sure that the fun can get going right away on Christmas and to make sure that all battery-powered gifts can be tried out immediately, it’s important to make sure that certain batteries are always on hand, as many battery-powered devices are not delivered with batteries.

But Christmas is often the very time when your own battery stock runs out due to battery-powered lighting decorations or atmospheric LED candles. This is a good reason to think about batteries in advance and make sure your stocks are full before the Christmas holidays.

Which batteries should be purchased in advance?

We recommend that every household has AA (Mignon) and AAA (Micro) batteries as well as CR2032 and CR2025 type button cells in store, because these batteries fit into almost all of the usual battery-powered devices such as kitchen scales, children’s toys, flashlights, digital cameras, different lighting decorations and – for the winter – even certain heated insoles. An important tip when you’re buying batteries: Take note of the best before date!

VARTA wishes all the families out there a relaxing break, a wonderful holiday season and a great start to the New Year!