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More power for your smartphone!

More power for your smartphone!

For many people, taking pictures and sharing them with their friends or briefly calling home to arrange late grocery shoppings has become a routine part of everyday life. But to do so, our smartphones need power – even if there is no socket available. Mobile Powerpacks (often called Power Banks) are therefore essential to staying connected and available at all times while on the go.

Essential tool for everyone on the go

Does this sound familiar? Right as you go to take a picture, your favorite song comes on or you want to send a message with your smartphone, the battery gives out. Nothing can be done. Before you can get online again, you first have to recharge your phone by plugging it into a socket, right? Wrong! Thanks to the VARTA Powerpack 16.000 mAh you have enough energy to recharge your smartphone up to six times, so the game can go on without interruption.1
Tested on the iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 7.0. Results may vary depending on the device used.

Always online – flexible and mobile!

For frequent fliers, commuters and anyone else who refuses to let a lack of sockets stop them, the VARTA Powerpack 16.000 is an essential tool for being online anytime.

The Powerpack is more than just a head-turning eye-catcher that feels great, too. It also packs a powerful, professional-strength energy punch.

The Powerpack reliably provides you with energy for six smartphones or three tablets.2 You can also check the charging status of the Powerpack at any time with the LED charging indicator. The 50-cm Micro USB charging cable that comes included is long enough for you to comfortably charge your device, but short enough to conveniently stow in a backpack or purse.

This ensures that you can play games, surf the Web, listen to music and be reached at all times while on the go.

2 Tested on the iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy Tab® 4 7.0. Results may vary depending on the device used.

Join in and be online longer:

As part of a prize drawing, we are giving away 50 VARTA Powerpacks 16.000 mAh exclusively for you here! VARTA wishes you every success, lots of fun and a full battery while on the go!