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Travel Tips: Always Have These Around!

Travel Tips: Always Have These Around!

Skiing and snowboarding are becoming more and more popular winter sports. Many outdoor sports fans are taking their hobbies higher in search of the extreme. To make your next mountain vacation a success and ensure you get home safely, here are three battery-operated gadgets that you should never leave behind.


An indispensable device for every skier who ventures off the slopes: an avalanche detector. Along with a probe in your clothing, by far the most essential tool for a ski or snowshoe trip.


To find your own location or to make your way out of the deepest forests, a mobile GPS device is the way to go. Combined with downloadable maps, this piece of equipment is a huge help in unknown territory.


Whether to keep others in your group in the loop or to keep in constant contact with the main station, handheld outdoor radio devices are a smart addition to the lineup. You never know when you’ll run into an emergency situation in which you need outside help.

To keep these useful gadgets working even under the worst conditions, it’s worth having a look inside. The battery is the heartbeat of each device and has to be chosen with care. VARTA ULTRA Lithium Batteries are suitable for use in extremely low temperatures.