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Long-lasting and powerful: the new VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Endless

VARTA Consumer Batteries stands for the highest quality and performance – not only in conventional batteries. VARTA’s assortment of rechargeable batteries now also includes a new, extremely long-lasting, rechargeable series: RECHARGE ACCU Endless. With up to 3,500 charge cycles*, these batteries can be recharged more often than any other rechargeable battery. Immediately ready to use and available in standard sizes AA and AAA, these Ni-MH rechargeables are ideal for all battery-powered devices.

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic – and more and more people prefer solutions that rely on rechargeable batteries. With the RECHARGE ACCU Endless range, VARTA Consumer Batteries augments its portfolio with a product that appeals to consumers who appreciate long-lasting and high-performance rechargeable batteries. VARTA conducted an online study which found that consumers focus above all on the number of recharge cycles when they choose a rechargeable battery.

Immediately ready to use and exceptionally long-lasting

The RECHARGE ACCU Endless products are convincing thanks to their 3500 cycles*, which makes them unique on the market. Their “ready to use” technology assures that these rechargeable batteries are already charged and ready to use immediately after purchase. Even if left unused for a long time, their energy loss is only minimal: for example, if a fully charged rechargeable battery is left unused for five years, it will still retain 60%** of its original charge. Another advantage for consumers: RECHARGE ACCU Endless products fit into every standard charger, so no special charger is needed.

Recharge Accu EndlessRecharge Accu EndlessRecharge Accu Endless

  * Based on IEC 61951-2 (, 3rd edition. Performance may vary depending on use (tested on RECHARGE ACCU Endless AA 1,000 mAh)
** Based on internal VARTA tests.

Consumer-friendly design

In the context of the relaunch of VARTA Consumer Batteries in early May 2018, VARTA resegmented its various product categories and improved its package design. The puristic and simplistic design of the blister packaging optimally orients consumers in their search for the right product. The layout of the packages for the RECHARGE ACCU Endless range highlights the number of charge cycles, followed by the performance, which is a decisive factor for consumers shopping for rechargeable batteries. Clear communication of the longevity and endurance on the blister pack and the bold “SAVE MONEY” inlay*** instantly convince consumers and stimulate them to buy these products. The fresh green color symbolizes the environmentally friendly aspect and simultaneously makes it easier to distinguish between rechargeable and primary batteries.

*** Text of inlay: Depending on the capacity of the rechargeable battery, four RECHARGE ACCU Endless rechargeable batteries can take the place of up to 7,600 VARTA Energy batteries in a digital camera.

AA 2500 mAH / AAA 950 mAh

Charge cycles:
up to 500
Available blisters:
4x AA, 2x AA
4x AAA, 2x AAA
RRP (incl. VAT):
€19.99 (pack of 4)
€10.49 (pack of 2)

AA1900 mAh / AAA 750 mAh

Charge cycles:
up to 2100
Available blisters:
4x AA, 2x AA
4x AAA, 2x AAA
RRP (incl. VAT):
€15.99 (pack of 4)
€8.49 (pack of 2)

AA 1000 mAh / AAA 550 mAh

Charge cycles:
up to 3500
Available blisters:
4x AA, 2x AA
4x AAA, 2x AAA
RRP (incl. VAT):
€9.99 (pack of 4)
€5.99 (pack of 2)

Based on purchasing behavior and on more accurately targeted customer solicitation and consumer information, the RECHARGE ACCU Endless products are offered in the common sizes AA and AAA. Buyers can choose among several different charge cycles (from 500 to 3500 charges) and different capacities (from 550 mAh to 2500 mAh). The RECHARGE ACCU Endless range is available now.

The RECHARGE ACCU assortment

The complete RECHARGE ACCU assortment has been revised in the wake of the relaunch and in the context of VARTA Consumer Batteries’ new brand promise: “In service for you.” Alongside the Endless range, which is distinguished by its extreme longevity, the less costly Power range was conceived for nearly every device: the Power range appeals to consumers who primarily want diversity in the capacity of their rechargeable batteries. The third series is the new Recycled range for especially environmentally conscious consumers: these rechargeables contain up to 11 % recycled materials. The right product for each individual and for maximal customer satisfaction: that’s VARTA – “In service for you.”

Request a sample:

Are you a journalist and feel like testing a VARTA RECHARGE ACCU Endless? No problem! We are happy to arrange to send you a sample. Simply get in touch with us by writing to varta@haebmau.de.

Further information can be found at www.varta-consumer.com and on VARTA Consumer’s official Facebook page.

About VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA

VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA is part of Spectrum Brands Holdings, a global and diversified consumer products company and a leading supplier of consumer batteries, shaving and grooming products, small household appliances, specialty pet supplies, lawn and garden products and auto care products. Spectrum Brands Holdings generates annual sales of around $5.04 billion and has a total of 15,700 employees. VARTA Consumer Batteries is a European market leader for innovative high-quality batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers and lights. Controlled from its European head office in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, it generates annual sales of around €275 million. The German sales company is based in Ellwangen. Thanks to its powerful product ideas, developed on the basis of over 125 years’ experience, VARTA Consumer is a constant source of impetus in the mobile energy market. Alongside its innovative capabilities, the breadth, quality and design of its product range make VARTA a unique force on the market. Intensive focus on consumers’ lifestyles and close collaboration with retailers is the secret to a successful product mix. This makes it possible for VARTA Consumer to respond quickly and flexibly to the latest consumer device trends and provide the dynamic fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market with optimum energy solutions.

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