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Full power – now in green

Rechargeable batteries constitute an inherent part of the successful company history of VARTA Consumer Batteries and are being used ever more frequently in everyday devices. The reason for this is simple: They are rechargeable, versatile and benefit the family budget after just a short period of time. With the new RECHARGE ACCU Recycled range, VARTA has once again optimized the rechargeable battery, using recycled materials in manufacturing for the first time. Together with the ECO CHARGER device, the new product line includes two recycled rechargeable battery variants in the most sought-after sizes and capacities. This ensures that they meet users’ energy needs while simultaneously protecting the environment. The ECO CHARGER and new RECHARGE ACCU Recycled batteries are now available in retail.

Humans leave countless environmental footprints on this planet. Some of them are on the smaller side, others are a lot bigger, and some will have devastating impacts in the years to come. Although it was a solely political issue in the beginning, end consumers’ awareness of sustainability has been developing and is now reflected in their consumption patterns. A sense of environmental duty is now utterly en vogue and a huge consumer trend. According to one study, 57 percent of consumers prefer reusable products, and 65 percent regularly buy environmentally friendly products. Societal demand for alternatives that are increasingly gentle on the environment is growing constantly. With its range of rechargeable batteries, VARTA Consumer Batteries has already been making it possible to utilize resources more sustainably for years now. By developing an even more environmentally friendly product line with its RECHARGE ACCU range, VARTA is now even going one step further. The result is the new VARTA ECO CHARGER and new RECHARGE ACCU Recycled batteries.

RECHARGE ACCU Recycled batteries
AA 2100 mAh

Available capacity:   2100 mAh

Available blister packs:   4 x AA, 2 x AA

RRP (incl. VAT):   € 13.99 (for four), € 7.49  (for two)

RECHARGE ACCU Recycled batteries
AAA 800 mAh

Available capacity:   800 mAh

Available blister packs:   4 x AAA, 2 x AAA

RRP (incl. VAT):   € 13.99 (for four), € 7.49 (for two)

* Greendex 2014: Consumer Choice and the Environment – A Worldwide Tracking Survey

Even more sustainable

RECHARGE ACCU Recycled batteries are a perfect symbiosis of environmental friendliness and the well-known high performance. Eleven percent of the RECHARGE ACCU Recycled is made from active reprocessed material that is used to manufacture the rechargeable battery. Just like the batteries in the RECHARGE ACCU Endless and Power ranges, the RECHARGE ACCU Recycled comes pre-charged in retail and has the familiar low self-discharge rate. For example, after 12 months, the rechargeable battery still has around 70 percent of its capacity available. RECHARGE ACCU Recycled batteries are available in two sizes: as an AA battery with 2100 mAh capacity and an AAA with 800 mAh capacity, which can be recharged using any charger.


Size (W x D x H):   76 x 29.5 x 108.5 mm

Available blister packs:   1 x Eco Charger | 1 x Eco Charger + 4 x AA 2100 mAh | 1 x Eco Charger + 4 x AAA 800 mAh                              

RRP (incl. VAT):   without batteries € 22.99, with batteries € 29.99

Back to a new strength

Those who also want to make sure they are being environmentally friendly when it comes to chargers will find the ideal solution in the ECO CHARGER. The most exciting thing about the new VARTA charger is its casing, half of which is made from bioplastic generated from natural rice starch. This means that 50 percent fewer fossil resources are used during manufacturing and that a large part of the ECO CHARGER is biodegradable. Equipped with four individual battery slots, it can be used to charge both available sizes of the RECHARGE ACCU Recycled battery. Two LEDs above each slot show the current charging status and therefore when the batteries have been completely recharged. Thanks to the successful balancing act that it performs between contemporary functionality, environmental responsibility and a high level of product quality, the ECO CHARGER was awarded the 2018 Plus X Award in the categories “Ecology” and “High Quality.”

Noticeably ecological

With the brand relaunch and the accompanying new packaging design for all VARTA Consumer Batteries product lines in early May, it is now even easier to identify both the ECO CHARGER and the RECHARGE ACCU Recycled as part of the RECHARGE ACCU product family. The clear color scheme in green and beige illustrates the difference between rechargeable battery and primary battery at first glance. Dark blue information logos on the packaging and the PROTECT NATURE inlay show both visually and in terms of content how to reduce your environmental footprint. Moreover, together with the changes to the design, the entire VARTA Rechargeable portfolio has been resegmented. The Recycled range complements the Endless range, which stands out due to its extreme durability. The more affordable Power range for especially price-conscious consumers who primarily place value on battery capacity rounds off the RECHARGE ACCU family. The right product for everybody for maximum customer satisfaction. VARTA – In service for you.

The RECHARGE ACCU Recycled and the ECO CHARGER are now available in both bricks-and-mortar retail and online.

Request a sample:

Are you a journalist and feel like testing a VARTA product in action? No problem! We are happy to arrange to send you a sample. Simply get in touch with us by writing to varta@haebmau.de.

Further information can be found at www.varta-consumer.com and on VARTA Consumer’s official Facebook page.

About VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA

VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA is part of Spectrum Brands Holdings, a global and diversified consumer products company and a leading supplier of consumer batteries, shaving and grooming products, small household appliances, specialty pet supplies, lawn and garden products and auto care products. Spectrum Brands Holdings generates annual sales of around $5.04 billion and has a total of 15,700 employees. VARTA Consumer Batteries is a European market leader for innovative high-quality batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers and lights. Controlled from its European head office in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, it generates annual sales of around €275 million. The German sales company is based in Ellwangen. Thanks to its powerful product ideas, developed on the basis of over 125 years’ experience, VARTA Consumer is a constant source of impetus in the mobile energy market. Alongside its innovative capabilities, the breadth, quality and design of its product range make VARTA a unique force on the market. Intensive focus on consumers’ lifestyles and close collaboration with retailers is the secret to a successful product mix. This makes it possible for VARTA Consumer to respond quickly and flexibly to the latest consumer device trends and provide the dynamic fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market with optimum energy solutions.

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