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The LCD Power Bank from VARTA Consumer – especially strong when your smartphone runs low

It is no longer possible to imagine everyday life without smartphones. When your battery runs out and there is no socket in sight, power banks provide a longed-for solution. With the new LCD Power Bank series, VARTA Consumer Batteries is presenting products for the whole family with new LCD displays that inform users of the device’s current charging status. From small and handy to large and powerful, this series has the right solution for every requirement. The LCD Power Bank series is available online and in stores.

Since 2011, the power bank market segment has been recording continuous growth, which, according to the QYR Electronic Devices Research Center (September 2016), is set to continue in the years to come. The reason for this ongoing high is the user behavior of smartphone owners. According to one international study*, one-quarter of all millenials reach for their smartphones more than 100 times a day on average, spending more than five hours on them every day. Above all, being constantly available is important to users, 85 percent of whom always have their smartphone within reach, with more than one-quarter of them even keeping their smartphones on their bodies day and night. These insights show that, in spite of increasingly powerful smartphone batteries, average daily energy needs are barely being met, making power banks the key to the “always-on” lifestyle. With its new LCD Power Bank series, VARTA is launching a range of mobile energy supply products in three capacity sizes, which are impressive above all due to their price-performance ratio.


Powerful and sleek

The LCD Power Bank has been designed to be sleek and minimalistic. Kept in classic black, each Power Bank case size sits extremely well in the hand thanks to its rounded corners. The namesake LC display on the front provides information about the Power Bank’s charging status and shows which USB port is currently in use. On the upper edge above the display next to the on/off switch, there is a micro-USB input and two USB outputs, each with 5 volt and 2.4 or 1.0 amperes. This means that the Power Bank can be used to charge two devices at the same time if needed. The small LED light right above the micro-USB port proves to be especially useful, providing the light needed to navigate in a chaotic bag in an emergency situation. VARTA is responding to increased energy needs on the part of end consumers and is now launching the complete series in three new capacities: 7,800; 13,000 and 18,200 mAh. Depending on the size of the Power Bank, they can be used to charge smartphones up to six times and tablets up to three times.

(W x H x D): 80 x 105 x 22 mm
Weight: 192 g
Charges up to: 1x tablet or 2.5 smartphone batteries*
Warranty: 2 years
RRP (incl. VAT): € 15.99

LCD Power Bank 7800

(W x H x D): 80 x 141 x 22 mm
Weight: 297 g
Charges up to: 2 tablets or 4.5 smartphone batteries*
Warranty: 2 years
RRP (incl. VAT): € 21.99

LCD Power Bank 13000

(W x H x D): 82 x 161 x 22 mm
Weight: 395 g
Charges up to: 3 tablets or 6.5 smartphone batteries*
Warranty: 2 years
RRP (incl. VAT): € 27.99

LCD Power Bank 18200

*Based on the iPhone 6S, ASUS Google Nexus 7. Output may vary depending on the device used

Charged and safe

Alongside capacity and connection options, safety also plays a major role at VARTA Consumer Batteries. For this reason, the LCD Power Banks are all equipped with important safety functions that every contemporary power bank should have. For example, the safety of the built-in lithium battery has been tested and certified by the independent organization Underwriters Laboratories. Moreover, the LCD Power Bank series meets current safety provisions for transport on airplanes. Sensors inside the case monitor the temperature of the device and automatically interrupt the charging process in the event of overheating. In addition, the LCD Power Banks are protected against short circuiting and prevent both the devices themselves and the USB ports from deep-discharging or over-discharging.

LCD Power Banks

The safety features of the LCD Power Bank at a glance

The LCD Power Bank is available online and in stores in the capacities 7,800 mAh; 13,000 mAh and 18,200 mAh at an RRP of € 15.99, 21.99 and € 27.99 respectively.

Further information can be found at www.varta-consumer.com and on VARTA Consumer’s official Facebook page.


VARTA AG produces and markets a comprehensive battery portfolio, ranging from microbatteries, household batteries, energy storage systems to customer-specific battery solutions for a wide range of applications, and, as a technology leader, sets industry standards in key areas. As the parent company of the Group, it operates in the business segments “Microbatteries & Solutions” and “Household Batteries”.
The “Microbatteries & Solutions” segment focuses on the OEM business for microbatteries as well as on the lithium-ion battery pack business. Through intensive research and development, VARTA sets global standards in the microbattery sector and is a recognized innovation leader in the important growth markets of lithium-ion technology and primary hearing aid batteries. The “Household Batteries” segment comprises the battery business for end customers, including household batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers, portable power (power banks) and lights as well as energy storage devices. The VARTA AG Group currently employs almost 4,000 people. With five production and manufacturing facilities in Europe and Asia, and distribution centers in Asia, Europe and the USA, VARTA AG’s operating subsidiaries are currently active in over 75 countries worldwide.

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