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VARTA presents smart helpers for people on the move

Little helpers and smart gadgets don't just simplify daily life: they can also be lifesavers in an emergency. With the new Safety Alarm Light and the Outdoor Sports Emergency Light, VARTA Consumer Batteries presents two new gadgets this year. In accordance with the brand's new message - "In service for you" - all two reliably accompany their owners in everyday life and emergency situations. The Safety Alarm Light and the Outdoor Sports Emergency Light are available at dealerships.

With the relaunch of the VARTA Consumer Batteries brand in May of this year, the "In service for you" claim is a motto for the company's new orientation. The label supports its customers in all of life's situations with VARTA's own portfolio of products, which include batteries, rechargeables and lights, as well as several smaller items that might seem unremarkable at first glance. With the Safety Alarm Light and the Outdoor Sports Emergency Light, VARTA provides two convenient and practical problem solvers to cope with the challenges of everyday life.

A Personal Bodyguard on the Key Ring

Woman are often anxious about the possibility of being assaulted on their way home in the evening. Many women feel safer when they hold their key ring in their hand. The reason: a key ring can perform two essential tasks for a woman in an emergency: shaking it makes a sound that attracts attention; and if worse comes to worst, a key ring can also be used as effective self-defense weapon. With the Safety Alarm Light, VARTA presents a practical and high-performance safety gadget that not only attracts significantly more attention to a woman in an emergency, but also effectively frightens away potential assailants. This bicolor (gray and pink) accessory combines a small flashlight and a loud alarm that can be activated by sharply tugging the fabric loop on the side of the device. With a volume up to 100 decibels, it guarantees impossible-to-overhear attention because the loudness of the Safety Alarm Light's siren is comparable to the blast of a thunderclap in a powerful rainstorm. The alarm can be deactivated afterwards by re-inserting the contact piece, which was withdrawn from the device when the alarm was triggered. The Safety Alarm Light also has an automatic switch-off function which silences the alarm after it has sounded for three minutes.

The Outdoor Companion

Summer is a favorite season for fans of outdoor activities. Long sunny days lure people outdoors for long rides on mountain bikes or adventurous climbs up steep cliffs. Outdoor fun makes it easy to forget all about the time, which means that the return trip from the excursion often begins at twilight and continues after dark. With the Outdoor Sports Emergency Light, VARTA Consumer Batteries offers fans of outdoor sports a compact, convenient and sturdy flashlight that shouldn't be missing from anyone's equipment. This gadget offers various light and signal modes with a maximal light output of 100 lumens. If the Outdoor Sports Emergency Light is used as a flashlight, its light intensity can be adjusted in three levels. In addition, the preinstalled stroboscope and SOS light signals are especially helpful for guiding rescuers to the user's location in an emergency.

A foldout hook on the underside of the Outdoor Sports Emergency Light makes it easy to hang the device from a branch or rucksack. The Outdoor Sports Emergency Light is also a practical helper for automobile drivers: in the event of a breakdown, its bright light makes it easier to look under the car's hood and also assures that other people can more readily see the stranded motorist in the dark. The magnetic back of the Outdoor Sports Emergency Light conveniently adheres to all metal parts of a motor vehicle.

Safety Alarm Light

Safety Alarm Light

Size (W x H x D):   36 x 66 x 21 mm
Weight:   32 g
Light output:   8 lm
Run time:   6 h
Beam range:   18 m
Safety Alarm:   Up to 100 dB
Guarantee:   3 years
RRP (incl. VAT):   € 9.99

Outdoor Sports Emergency Light

Outdoor Sports Emergency Light

Size (Ø x D):   70.5 mm x 42.5 mm
Weight:   69 g
Light output:   100 lm
Run time:   32 h
Beam range:   10 m
Guarantee:   3 years
RRP (incl. VAT):   € 11.99

With the Safety Alarm Light and the Outdoor Sports Emergency Light, VARTA Consumer Batteries brings onto the market two versatile gadgets that simplify daily life and send lifesaving signals in emergencies. For each person, the right product for maximal customer satisfaction: VARTA – In service for you.

Request a sample:

Would you be interested in testing a VARTA product? Write an email to varta@haebmau.de. We will be happy to send you a test sample.

Further information can be found at www.varta-consumer.com and on VARTA Consumer’s official Facebook page.

About VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA

VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA is part of Spectrum Brands Holdings, a global and diversified consumer products company and a leading supplier of consumer batteries, shaving and grooming products, small household appliances, specialty pet supplies, lawn and garden products and auto care products. Spectrum Brands Holdings generates annual sales of around $5.04 billion and has a total of 15,700 employees. VARTA Consumer Batteries is a European market leader for innovative high-quality batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers and lights. Controlled from its European head office in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, it generates annual sales of around €275 million. The German sales company is based in Ellwangen. Thanks to its powerful product ideas, developed on the basis of over 125 years’ experience, VARTA Consumer is a constant source of impetus in the mobile energy market. Alongside its innovative capabilities, the breadth, quality and design of its product range make VARTA a unique force on the market. Intensive focus on consumers’ lifestyles and close collaboration with retailers is the secret to a successful product mix. This makes it possible for VARTA Consumer to respond quickly and flexibly to the latest consumer device trends and provide the dynamic fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) market with optimum energy solutions.

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