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VARTA Work Flex Range – Brighten up every DIY project

More and more people find that DIY projects are the perfect way to reduce stress and express their creativity. With the Work Flex Range, VARTA Consumer Batteries presents a series of four multifunctional lights that are perfectly designed to master the challenges of do-it-yourself projects. The Pocket Light, the Area Light, the Telescope Light and the BL30R are now available in stores.

It’s important for do-it-yourselfers to feel confident about their own skills, but it’s even more important for them to have tools they can trust in. If new equipment is to be used regularly, the product must convince users with its high quality and its well-conceived ergonomic design. With the new Work Flex Range, VARTA Consumer Batteries offers a series of robust high-performance lights that have the perfect light for all kind of work projects.

The unique product design leaves no doubt that the lights in this series are made by VARTA. The triangular shape of each light’s body alludes to VARTA’s famous logo, the so-called “beam”. This practical three-sided shape guarantees that the lamp stands stably and won’t roll away when you’re not looking. The distinctive “beam” design recurs in other little details as well, for example, in the on/off switch. A good grip is ensured by an additional rubber coating on the high-quality black plastic case. All lights in the Work Flex Range are extremely durable too. The Pocket Light and the BL30R are protected against splash-water (IPX4). The Area Light and the Telescope Light are additionally protected against penetration by dust (IP54) and can easily withstand a fall from a height of two meters. A plunge from a height of one meter is no problem for the Pocket Light and the BL30R spotlight.

Perfect for a Trouser Pocket

The Work Flex Pocket Light is the most compact member of the Work Flex product family. This handy light has a variety of practical functions. For example, the clip on the top side of the Pocket Light keeps this little light firmly attached to a trouser pocket. Furthermore, with a magnet in the clip it is possible to cling the light to metal objects. The luminosity of the Work Flex Pocket Light is convincing too. Two different light modes make this light variably useable: The SMT LED on the lamp head enables the ideal illumination of details, while the COB LED provides area lighting that’s perfect for illuminating larger surroundings. Thanks to the frosted lens there is a better diffusion of light and it is non-glaring. This lightweight and compact light is especially helpful when a light source is required in a cramped space or when a second tool needs to be held in the same hand.

Work Flex Pocket Light

Dimensions (W x H x D):   23 x 173 x 31 mm
   54 grams
Run time:   6 hours
Beam range:
   40 meters
Total light output:   110 lumens
Batteries:   3 x AAA (included)
Drop test:   1 meter
Warranty:   3 years
RRP (including VAT):   €11.99

Work Flex Pocket LightWork Flex Pocket Light

Widespread Brightness

The Area Light is perfect whenever the job requires illumination throughout a large area. Despite the compact size of the Area Light, its built-in COB LED enables it to shine with a total light output of up to 230 lumens. Especially practical is the adjustable lighting area for ideal room illumination. The combination of a triangular case, a fold-out hook and a magnetic attachment on the side equips the Area Light for an extremely wide range of uses.

Work Flex Area Light

Dimensions (W x H x D):   69 x 119 x 62 mm
   154 grams
Run time:   35 hours
Beam range:
   22 meters
Total light output:   230 lumens
Batteries:   3 x AA (included)
Drop test:   2 meters
   3 years
(including VAT):

Work Flex Area Light  Work Flex Area Light

Astonishingly Versatile

The Telescope Light is the all-rounder in the Work Flex series. A quick tug on the lamp head reveals the telescope function that gives this light its name. When the lamp body is extended an area light is exposed. The design of the case not only guarantees bright luminosity and endurance, but also offers other practical functions. One of the highlights of the Telescope Light is found at the end of its handle: thanks to an indentation containing a metal bracket, the light can be easily hung on the rung of a ladder or any other protruding surface. A magnet on the back of the light enables it to stick to metal objects.

Work Flex Telescope Light

Dimensions (W x H x D):   49 x 208 x 46 mm
   224 grams
Run time:   30 hours
Beam range:
   125 meters
Total light output:   250 lumens
Batteries:   4 x AA (included)
Drop test:   2 meters
Warranty:   3 years
RRP (including VAT):   €24.99

Work Flex Telescope LightWork Flex Telescope Light

Very High Performance

The Work Flex BL30R is both the brightest and the largest light in the series. With an impressive total light output of up to 550 lumens and a beam range of up to 460 meters, the BL30R is as multifunctional as the other lights in the Work Flex Range. The BL30R is powered by a permanently installed Li-Ion rechargeable battery that lasts through as many as 500 charging cycles. Thanks to its compact size and a shoulder strap (included) the rechargeable beam lantern can easily be carried. Whenever desired, the strap can be attached to the light so its user can conveniently bring it wherever it will be needed next. Due to its design, the BL30R seems more like a beam lantern than a flashlight: When the light is standing on the floor or any other horizontal surface, a joint at the end of the light lets the user bring the lighting element into various positions. Three different lighting modes further enable the cone of light to shine far, focused, or both. An LED in the light’s handle always shows the current status of the rechargeable battery. This display is also clearly readable when the light is in its folded-out position.

Work Flex BL30R

Dimensions (W x H x D):   134 x 234 x 122 mm
   715 grams
Run time:   16 hours
Beam range:
   460 meters
Total light output:   550 lumens
Batteries:   Li-Ion rechargeable battery
Drop test:   1 meter
Warranty:   3 years
RRP (including VAT):   €49.99

Work Flex BL30RWork Flex BL30R

With the Work Flex Range, VARTA has created a series of lights for every DIY project. These lights not only offer appealingly good performance, but also unite versatility with unique styling, high-grade workmanship, practical functions and compact dimensions.

Request a sample:

Would you be interested in testing a VARTA product? Write an email to varta@haebmau.de. We will be happy to send you a test sample.

Further information can be found at www.varta-consumer.com and on VARTA Consumer’s official Facebook page.

About VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA

VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA is a supplier of innovative high-quality products, including batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers and lights, with which it generates annual sales totaling over 300 million euros in Europe. The business is run from the company’s headquarters in Ellwangen. VARTA Consumer Batteries is both the market leader and the only German battery manufacturer of primary batteries for the end consumer, that relies on Germany as its manufacturing location. Its factory in Dischingen annually produces circa 1.5 billion alkaline batteries. VARTA Consumer Batteries brings movement into the mobile energy market with strong product ideas developed on the basis of expertise acquired during more than 130 years of the company’s history. Along with its innovative strength, VARTA Consumer Batteries is also unique thanks to the breadth, quality and design of its product assortment. The secrets of its successful product portfolio are an intensive focus on consumers’ lifestyle and close cooperation with the trade. This enables VARTA Consumer Batteries to respond successfully, speedily and flexibly to current trends in devices on the dynamic Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market, to provide optimal energy solutions and to keep the promise of its brand message: “VARTA – in service for you”.

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