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A favorite celebrates its comeback: VARTA Consumer Batteries updates the Day Light Flashlights

VARTA Consumer Batteries, which has been synonymous with batteries “made in Germany” for over 130 years, also offers a wide range of flashlights for consumers. The Day Light series, which debuted eleven years ago as a collection of five compact torches, is now being re-launched with a new design. In addition to a fresh housing, the technology inside the light has also been updated. The new Day Light series will be available in stores starting in March.

The Day Light series, a longstanding favorite in VARTA Consumer Batteries’ flashlight category, was born in 2008. Thanks to their excellent price/performance ratio, these portable lights are permanent fixtures in many households and rank among the bestsellers in the portable lights segment on the European market. To keep up with changing times and to satisfy the modern demands of today’s consumers, the Day Light 2019 series has now undergone a comprehensive facelift.

Dynamic on many levels

The Day Light Key Chain Light and the Day Light Multi LED F10, F20 and F30 constitute the Day Light series in 2019. When the Day Light series was first launched on the market, the focus was already set on a distinctive and readily recognizable design. Those original models, which combined a metal body with plastic and rubber elements, have become iconic. Now the integration of new multi-LED technology, along with the revised iconic design of the four torches, is based on the results of an online consumer study conducted in Europe. The updated series keeps up with the changing times and caters to consumers’ constantly growing requirements.

Convincing technology in four sizes

If you’re looking for a small flashlight for your key ring or handbag, the Day Light Key Chain Light is the perfect choice. It’s compact, convenient and scarcely larger than the single AAA battery that powers it.

The Day Light Multi LED F10 is the newcomer in the series. It forms the link between the Key Chain Light and the Day Light Multi LED F20. Five LEDs provide a total light intensity of 20 lumens and a light range of 20 meters. This light is powered by a single AA battery, which can keep it shining for eight hours.

Day Light Key Chain Light

Dimensions (W x H):   94 x 26.5 millimeters
28 grams / 37 grams (without / with battery)
Beam range:  
22 meters
Running time:  
6.5 hours
Overall strength:  
12 lumens
Light source:  
1x 5mm LED
1x AAA battery
RRP (including VAT):  

VARTA Day Light Key Chain Light

Day Light Multi LED F10

Dimensions (W x H):   126.5 x 39 millimeters
67 grams / 90 grams (without / with battery)
Beam range:  
20 meters
Running time:  
8 hours
Overall strength:  
20 lumens
Light source:  
5x 5mm LEDs
1x AA battery
RRP (including VAT):  

VARTA Day Light Multi LED F10

The Day Light Multi LED F20 is somewhat larger than the Day Light Multi LED F10. Two AA batteries power the F20, which has nine LEDs to provide a light range of 29 meters and an overall light intensity of 40 lumens. The Day Light F20 also offers a long runtime of 62 hours.

The top model in the series is the Day Light Multi LED F30 with 14 LEDs. It can keep shining for five full days with an light intensity of 70 lumens over a distance of 32 meters.

Day Light Multi LED F20

Dimensions (W x H):   163.5 x 45 millimeters
92 grams / 137 grams (without / with battery)
Beam range:  
29 meters
Running time:  
62 hours
Overall strength:  
40 lumens
Light source:  
9x 5mm LEDs
2x AA batteries
RRP (including VAT):  

VARTA Day Light Multi LED F20

Day Light Multi LED F30

Dimensions (W x H):   197.5 x 63 millimeters
199 grams / 473 grams (without / with battery)
Beam range:  
32 meters
Running time:  
125 hours
Overall strength:  
70 lumens
Light source:  
14x 5mm LEDs
2x D batteries
RRP (including VAT):  

VARTA Day Light Multi LED F30

Whether for handbag divers or adventurers: Especially attractive is the entire flashlight series’ attractive pricing. From 4.99 euros for the Key Chain Light to 15.99 euros for the top model, VARTA’s Day Light series offers reliable flashlights with convincing performance for every budget. – VARTA "In service for you".

Request a sample:

Are you a journalist and feel like testing a VARTA Day Light? No problem! We are happy to arrange to send you a sample. Simply get in touch with us by writing to varta@haebmau.de.

Further information can be found at www.varta-consumer.com and on VARTA Consumer’s official Facebook page.

About VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA

VARTA Consumer Batteries GmbH & Co. KGaA is a supplier of innovative high-quality products, including batteries, rechargeable batteries, chargers and lights, with which it generates annual sales totaling over 300 million euros in Europe. The business is run from the company’s headquarters in Ellwangen. VARTA Consumer Batteries is both the market leader and the only German battery manufacturer of primary batteries for the end consumer, that relies on Germany as its manufacturing location. Its factory in Dischingen annually produces circa 1.5 billion alkaline batteries. VARTA Consumer Batteries brings movement into the mobile energy market with strong product ideas developed on the basis of expertise acquired during more than 130 years of the company’s history. Along with its innovative strength, VARTA Consumer Batteries is also unique thanks to the breadth, quality and design of its product assortment. The secrets of its successful product portfolio are an intensive focus on consumers’ lifestyle and close cooperation with the trade. This enables VARTA Consumer Batteries to respond successfully, speedily and flexibly to current trends in devices on the dynamic Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) market, to provide optimal energy solutions and to keep the promise of its brand message: “VARTA – in service for you”.

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