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Indestructibility has a name – meet the Indestructible Pro Series from VARTA Consumer Batteries.

Extremely robust and brighter than ever: the further developed lamps in the robust Indestructible Pro series from VARTA Consumer Batteries now deliver even more luminous flux than ever. From the convenient flashlights, through the powerful portable beam lantern to the lantern, this newly launched series offers durable water protected lights for demanding users. The lamps in the Indestructible Pro series – the Indestructible F10 Pro, Indestructible F20 Pro, Indestructible F30 Pro, Indestructible L30 Pro, Indestructible H20 Pro and Indestructible BL20 Pro – are available in stores now.

Tougher than life: the six further developed lamps in the Indestructible Pro series from VARTA Consumer Batteries are “must haves” for everybody who appreciates and demands robust and reliable equipment. The quality and product design of the Indestructible Pro series satisfy the toughest requirements, also when these lamps are used under adverse conditions. Thanks to their shock-resistant and water protected design, they can easily withstand intensive and demanding use. Even when the going gets tough, the Indestructible Pro series reliably brings light into the darkness.

True greatness in pocket size

With their robust design and their fulfillment of all criteria in the IP67 protection class, the Indestructible F10 Pro, F20 Pro and F30 Pro flashlights are unaffected by dusty surroundings and will also continue to shine when immersed in water to a depth of one meter. Their indestructible aluminum housing with rubber-coated protectors enables them to withstand a fall from a height up to nine meters. Furthermore, the Indestructible Pro Series is now shock-resistant in accord with the international IK code. Shock resistance of IK08* means that this series is protected against impacts with a force up to five joules. If an Indestructible Pro flashlight nonetheless gives up its ghost, VARTA Consumer Batteries offers an extended warranty period of seven years for the entire model range. Alongside increased robustness, the flashlights in the new Indestructible Pro series have also been updated in terms of their luminosity: equipped with high-performance LEDs, they can illuminate objects up to a distance of 279 meters.

* IK08: The impact of a 1.7-kilogram hammer swung from a distance of 30 cm

VARTA Indestructible F10 Pro

Indestructible F10 Pro

Size (L x D):  138 x 43.5 mm
Weight:  132 grams
Light levels:  High and low
Light range:  183 meters
Luminous flux:  Up to 300 lumens
Duration:  40 hours
Light source:  High performance LED
Batteries:  3 AAA LONGLIFE Power
Warranty:  7 years
RRP (incl. VAT):  €21.99

VARTA Indestructible F20 Pro

Indestructible F20 PRO

Size (L x D):  167 x 42 mm
Weight:  157 grams
Light levels:  High and low
Light range:  140 meters
Luminous flux:  Up to 350 lumens
Duration:  55 hours
Light source:  High performance LED
Batteries:  2 AA LONGLIFE Power
Warranty:  7 years
RRP (incl. VAT):  €24.99

VARTA Indestructible F30 Pro

Indestructible F30 Pro

Size (L x D):  228 x 54.5 mm
Weight:  363 grams
Light levels:  High and low
Light range:  279 meters
Luminous flux:  Up to 650 lumens
Duration:  75 hours
Light source:  High performance LED
Batteries:  6 AA LONGLIFE Power
Warranty:  7 years
RRP (incl. VAT):  €36.99

For a focused view

Wind, rain or snow: no matter how tough the conditions may be, the new Indestructible H20 Pro headlight always keeps the focus in the right light. The H20 Pro’s headband is equipped with an additional elastic strap running along the midline of the wearer’s head, thus assuring maximum wearing comfort and a reliable hold in every situation. This practical headlight leaves both hands free for working and handling. For a perfect angle of illumination onto every work surface, the light’s adjustable head can be individually tilted, and the luminous flux can be adjusted in two levels. Whether making repairs under a car or renovating at home: thanks to its robust and water-resistant design, the Indestructible H20 Pro always illuminates the essentials, even at distances up to 100 meters.

The mobile lighthouse

Take and give: the robust and waterproof Indestructible L30 Pro not only takes tough treatment, but also gives powerful performance thanks to its COB LED with robust reflector technology. With its four different light modes, this lantern illuminates objects within a 20-meter radius. Depending on the intensity of light needed at the moment, it can provide either pleasantly muted lighting in the home garden with a brightness of 15 lumens in night light mode or shine brightly with up to 450 lumens. The practical features of the Indestructible L30 Pro include a rubberized and shock-absorbent lantern head and base, a removable head and a hook integrated into the base for convenient hanging. If the Indestructible L30 Pro happens to fall to the ground, there is no reason to panic – because this robust design can withstand a plunge from a height of four meters.

Farsightedness to go

Bright as a floodlight, robust as an off-road vehicle, and extremely convenient too: The Indestructible BL20 Pro is the lantern in this series with the greatest light range. Thanks to its impressive output of up to 400 lumens, it shines almost three times more brightly than its predecessor model. With a range of 400 meters, it brilliantly illuminates even distant objects. The robust design with a practical handle is not only able to withstand a fall from a height of up to four meters but can also precisely focus on objects and illuminate them as bright as day. Its user can choose between two light levels to optimally adjust the light’s intensity for every situation. Six VARTA LONGLIFE Power AA batteries, which are included in the scope of delivery, guarantee the necessary stamina for long-term use and power the Indestructible BL20 Pro for up to 85 hours of reliable service.

VARTA Indestructible L30 Pro

Indestructible L30 Pro

Size (L x W x D):  215 x 107.2 x 98.3 mm
Weight:  614.5 grams
Light levels:  High, medium, low and nightlight
Light range:  20 meters
Luminous flux:  Up to 450 lumens
Duration:  360 hours
Light source:  COB LED
Batteries:  6 AA (not included)
Warranty:  7 years
RRP (incl. VAT):  €35.99

VARTA Indestructible H20 Pro

Indestructible H20 Pro

Size (L x W x D):  68 x 47 x 36.5 mm
Weight:  74.5 grams
Light levels:  High and low
Light range:  100 meters
Luminous flux:  Up to 350 lumens
Duration:  23 hours
Light source:  High performance LED
Batteries:  3 AAA LONGLIFE Power
Warranty:  7 years
RRP (incl. VAT):  €17.99

VARTA Indestructible BL20 Pro

Indestructible BL20 Pro

Size (L x D x W):  150 x 125 x 84 mm
Weight:  518.4 grams
Light levels:  High and low
Light range:  400 meters
Luminous flux:  Up to 400 lumens
Duration:  85 hours
Light source:  High performance LED
Batteries:  6 AA LONGLIFE Power
Warranty:  7 years
RRP (incl. VAT):  €39.99

No matter how intensive the task or how inclement the weather may be, the lights in the Indestructible Pro series are perfect for anyone who approaches their work with passion and full commitment – and refuses to accept any compromises in their equipment.

Are you tougher than life?

As with the previous series, VARTA Consumer Batteries again invites hobby craftsmen and DIY specialists to test the products in the further developed Indestructible Pro series in intensive use. Consumers who participate in the “Tougher than Life” competition can give free rein to their creativity and make videos demonstrating how they push the Indestructible Pro products to their limits. A prize of up to 1,000 euros awaits the best entries. Closing date for the competition is 31st December 2020.
In addition, the website of the “Tougher than Life” promotion lets consumers create their own Destructible-Indestructible memes to show what is less robust than the rugged Indestructible Pro series. The finished motifs can be shared with friends and the community.

More information is available at: https://www.tougher-than-life.com/en/

For further information about VARTA Consumer products and the company visit: www.varta-consumer.com / Facebook.

Request a sample:

Are you interested in testing a VARTA product? Please send us an e-mail to nicole.selle@varta-ag.com. We will gladly arrange for a test sample to be sent to you.

Nicole Selle
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