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Built to Survive: The New VARTA "Indestructible" Flashlights

One man, one word: indestructible. That’s the motto of the new "Indestructible" flashlights from VARTA’s Professional and Power Line. Thanks to their extremely robust yet also outstandingly ergonomic and attractive product design, these flashlights can even survive a fall from a height of nine meters and they’re water resistant.

They’re equally unafraid of outdoor activities and hard work at construction sites. Tough materials and an uncommonly shock- and impact-resistant internal engineering make VARTA’s "Indestructible" series – which consists of six different products – nearly unbreakable and predestine them to be ideal companions for active people.

Let the Adventure Begin!

Alpinists, mountain bikers, camping fans and everyone else who loves to spend leisure time in the great outdoors will be enthusiastic about the new flashlights and headlights in VARTA’s "Indestructible" portfolio. A drop test from nine meters height, which they survived with flying colors, is further proof that these products are ideal for rough and tough outdoor applications. Furthermore, they’re water resistant, and their black housings give them an extremely stylish appearance. The Indestructible flashlights also do well in the most rigorous working environments, delivering convincing performance where other flashlights fail. Unbeatable luminosity combined with tough materials guarantees that they get the job done, even under the most adverse conditions.

VARTA’s LED Indestructible Flashlights are available in three versions for size AA, AAA or C batteries. Depending on the particular model, their LEDs provide brightness up to 140 lumens and generate beams of light up to 160 meters in length. The Indestructible 3AAA and the Indestructible 3C have two brightness levels each that allow an illumination customized to the particular situation of the environment. The head and the rear cover of the "Indestructible" flashlights are made of resistant rubber to absorb even the strongest shocks and blows. An aluminum-titanium alloy gives each light an extremely tough and water resistant housing. Well protected inside the cover, the on-off button rounds out the ergonomic design, which is conceived for demanding uses under rigorous conditions.

Both versions of VARTA’s LED Indestructible Headlight will surely draw climbers and joggers under their spell. Thanks to their built-in LEDs, these headlights can achieve up to 100 lumens and 100-meter-long beams. Here too, users can select either of two brightness levels: "high" and "low." The rubber-coated housing promises maximal toughness and the steplessly adjustable headband assures optimal wearing comfort, even under the most adverse conditions.

Able to generate a beam of light up to 350 meters in length and with a brightness of 150 lumens, VARTA’s Indestructible Beam Lantern is ideal for professional uses on the job (e.g. for construction workers or people working in the security industry). Thanks to its rubber head and extra-thick case, it can easily cope with the most extreme situations and even survive a fall from a height of four meters. The on-off button is inset into the handle, where it’s well protected, yet also quick and easy to operate.

Furthermore, a sweepstake takes place at www.built-to-survive.com (online starting on September 1, 2011) where consumers can also get information about the new portfolio of lights.

Availability and Guarantee

VARTA’s "Indestructible" lamps will be commercially available starting in September 2011. Each lamp comes with a three-year guarantee. You can find additional information at www.varta-consumer.de.


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