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Here you can find compilations of our press releases, news about VARTA Consumer Batteries and our products. If you want to be up-to-date with VARTA sign up in our press mailing list. Please contact our press department if you have any further questions.
V-MAN Zero
Ideal for your trip: The V-Man Zero from VARTA
The festive period is an ideal time of year for short breaks, to the
European capitals, for instance – how about visiting the canals of
Amsterdam, strolling through the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, making the acquaintance of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen or seeing the
Colosseum in Rome? As always, your MP3 player, your GPS device or
your smartphone is your trusty companion on your travels. But then you
run into that same old problem, again and again: your battery’s dead and there’s no electric socket to be seen for miles. The solution to this
dilemma: the new V-Man Zero from VARTA, which supplies you with
energy whenever and wherever you need it when you’re on the move.
Indestructible: VARTA flashlights face their toughest test yet
Strong, sharp beams and virtually impossible to damage: This is a spot on description of the new Indestructible flashlights from VARTA’s Professional and Power lines. As part of a VARTA competition, we’d like to hear your ideas for testing our new products to the max. There’s a prize of € 1,000 up for grabs.
Exiting online experience: VARTA launches its new website

VARTA Consumer Batteries is proud to present its revamped website complete with interactive product showcase and intuitive product search
Built to Survive: The New VARTA "Indestructible" Flashlights
One man, one word: indestructible. That’s the motto of the new "Indestructible" flashlights from VARTA’s Professional and Power Line. Thanks to their extremely robust yet also outstandingly ergonomic and attractive product design, these flashlights can even survive a fall from a height of nine meters and they’re water resistant.
V-MAN Plug Set
Mobility from the electrical outlet: VARTA’s new V-Man Plug Set charging device
The compact VARTA USB Plug Set will make its commercial debut in March 2011 with the three most important adapters for mobile devices.
VARTA USB Plug Set with adapters for Micro USB, Mini USB and an adapter that fits Apple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod.

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